Hello! We’re DealCoachPro.

We Help Execute Promising Deals the Modern Way.

Too often, sellers pursue deals by either guessing or using their gut. Traditional pursuit teams use CRMs and spreadsheets to strategize; hold sporadic coaching sessions and apply subjective scoring to deal health. The result? Deals slip from quarter-to-quarter and forecasts are missed.
We reduce the noise and keep sales teams laser-focused on pursuing legitimate deals and impactful deal execution activities. Our collaborative, purpose-built CRM plug-in facilitates team-selling and formal deal coaching with a simple, repeatable process for assessing deal health and creating winning game plans together.
Instead of managing relationships in your head, we help sellers think about relationships in a scientific way. Sellers assess the strength of their relationship to buyers and deal health through a patented data science framework and scoring system. Teams remain objective, uncover deal vulnerabilities, and provide sales leaders with better signals for improving forecasting accuracy.
Let’s get your team closing high-value, must-win deals in a consistent, predictable way.

Meet the Team

Erik Mintz

Founder & CEO

With over two decades of experience, Erik has led software development and product management teams at I.B.M. and Constant Contact. He founded two software companies: e2M Systems, event management software acquired by Constant Contact and DealCoachPro. Erik has an M.B.A. from M.I.T. and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Florida Atlantic University.

Lisa Crowell


Lisa helps high-growth SaaS companies communicate their story, launch innovative products and services, and accelerate revenue. For over two decades, Lisa has held leadership roles in product marketing and Marcom at Constant Contact, LogMeIn, Continuum, and Aha! Lisa earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Northeastern University.