How Service Express Used DealCoachPro to Conduct Smart and Efficient Deal Review Sessions Remotely

About Service Express   

Based in Grand Rapid, Michigan, leading Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) provider, Service Express specializes in onsite data center maintenance for server, storage and network equipment. Service Express partners with IT professionals to reduce costs, connect to user-friendly service and optimize infrastructure strategy. Founded in 1993, Service Express maintains multi-vendor data center equipment for healthcare, manufacturing, education, finance, government, technology, and other Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


As Service Express moved upstream from targeting small business to mid-market companies, opportunity pursuit became more complex. Deals involved more buying influencers as well as more internal people engaged in the selling process, requiring a more sophisticated and scientific approach to deal pursuit. Sellers needed to be more strategic, collaborative, and proactive on how they identified key players and handled opportunities, yet many did not have the know-how. The pandemic introduced new challenges. Overnight, the team became distributed. For many, this was their first time managing and coaching a remote team. Prospects too, were working remote and were more cautious than ever making buying decisions. The new normal compounded the need for strategic selling. Sellers needed to be more attuned to each buyer’s needs to give them the best shot of being successful in advancing the deal.


Service Express required a consistent, easy-to-adopt methodology for coaching the team on strategic selling for their top deals, and a flexible tool to enable remote collaboration. DealCoachPro was the silver lining that helped facilitate remote deal reviews and encouraged structured conversations for developing a game plan to win their most important deals. With DealCoachPro, visual heat maps quickly highlight problem areas, the strengths & vulnerabilities and the collaboration hub enable the internal team to rally around deals, and the action plan captures the steps needed to advance the deal.  Sellers evaluate key players across five dimensions using weighted best practice questions to ensure they are nurturing relationships that matter. This built-in buyer-centric sales methodology introduces rigor for vetting an opportunity for each buying influencer providing an accurate assessment of the buying decision process and improves forecasting accuracy. Unlike CRM systems that are data-heavy, DealCoachPro uses deal visualization that enables efficient, productive, and smart deal review sessions. Deal pursuit is now possible anytime from anywhere.

“DealCoachPro lets you devise your winning game plan together from anywhere. It’s your planning war room to break down complex deals and strategize how and what you need to do to advance the deal.”

– Jason Reed, Sales Vice President, Service Express


With DealCoachPro:

  • Top 75 large opportunities have an active game plan
  • Remote deal review sessions are more efficient and productive
  • Management gets better signals about the health of a deal than tools like a CRM
Sales Team
45 Sellers
IT Service Provider
Remote Coaching


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