DealCoachPro Secures Second Patent for its Exclusive Sales Technology

SaaS Company Reimagines Enterprise-Selling Through Data-Driven Deal Coaching Software

Delray Beach, FL – July 29, 2021 – Sales technology software innovator, DealCoachPro announces Notice of Allowance for all claims in U.S. Patent Application No. 16/885,004 for their Deal Match functionality. Deal Match reuses qualitative, institutional knowledge about deals across the entire organization’s history to help Enterprise sellers create winning game plans for current opportunities in the pipeline. Each matching deal provides a Dynamic Deal Playbook revealing actionable insights, including strategy and tactics used to win similar deals. For the first time, sellers have instant access to valuable information typically stored in static documents and spreadsheets.

“Getting our second software patent for DealCoachPro is an exciting accomplishment for our business and our team,” said Erik Mintz, CEO and founder of DealCoachPro. “We are the future of Enterprise selling, delivering modern tools for a company’s most valuable deals, and this second patent further validates that our technology is like no other.”

According to CSO Insights, sixty percent of sales never close. Today, most Enterprise sales teams use subjective and unreliable CRM Sales Stage and Close Dates to determine the probability of closing. 

Unlike transactional sales, Enterprise selling requires a data science approach to understand buyer behavior.  DealCoachPro’s first U.S. Patent for their Deal Pursuit framework turns qualitative deal knowledge into data science, providing a simple, more reliable way to assess Deal Health and forecast sales. The company’s second patent, Deal Match, reuses this historical deal data using complex mathematical computation to find the closest matching deals, helping sellers discover insights to advance open like opportunities.

“B2B pursuit teams have an unfair advantage at their fingertips – institutional knowledge of all the previous pursuits,” explains Brian Shea, Vice President, Commercial Enablement, 3Pillar Global. “These same teams can be disadvantaged without the technology to match current pursuits to past deal strategies. DealCoachPro’s Deal Match is the answer. Deal Match preserves deal intelligence long after pursuit teams turnover.”

DealCoachPro modernizes Enterprise selling, helping sales teams step away from time-intensive paper-based methodologies, including documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Deal strategy and tactics need purpose-built software that provides a simple, repeatable, and scalable way to assess and pursue Enterprise opportunities and leverage past success. DealCoachPro delivers on that promise. 

DealCoachPro’s list of inventors for Deal Match includes Erik Mintz, Lindes Roets, Joseph Simone, Joseph Hennessey, and Paritosh Patel.

About DealCoachPro

DealCoachPro is the future of Enterprise selling. The company’s data-driven deal coaching software and digital deal rooms drive deal collaboration, strategy and execution for modern pursuit teams. The patented framework brings rigor and rhythm to deal pursuit, helping send objective signals about deal health. Visual heat maps bring instant clarity to deal legitimacy and the seller’s position with buyers, guiding Enterprise sellers on improving win rates and forecasting the accuracy of their most valuable deals. DealCoachPro is a private SaaS company headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida.