Instant Replay: The Secret to Advancing Enterprise Deals

We all are familiar with Instant Replay used in sports during questionable plays. When the call is not obvious, Instant Replay helps increase the game’s credibility and accuracy to make sure that obvious errors are corrected. It provides a three-dimensional view of the play.

Imagine the power of Instant Replay in Enterprise Sales.

An Enterprise deal averages seven to ten buying influencers. Many people are involved in the buying decision, which drives a longer sales cycle. Your CRM captures the decision-makers, influencers, and a checklist of sales activity, but it lacks play-by-play details during the sales cycle and how they influence the deal. When adding a Key Player with low advocacy to the mix or a Key Player’s priority shifts, it’s hard to see how buyer dynamics impact the deal’s probability to close.

Without visualizing buyer relationships over time, in your CRM or strategy worksheets, it’s challenging to know what caused the deal to go south. Or even to be aware that your deal is now in jeopardy.

DealCoachPro’s Deal History and Key Player Replay provide sellers actionable insights into buyer dynamics in real-time, empowering sellers to shift and adjust plans to address new challenges to strengthen and advance their deal.

Key Player Replay Sheds Light on Buyer Dynamics
to Help You Regain Momentum

Key Player Replay is like sitting over the deal with color commentary. Like in the NFL, the top camera during instant replay provides you with play-by-play insight to know what happened. Rather than looking at one point in time, you now see the whole Deal History in the context of buyer dynamics – and can quickly pinpoint what made the deal shift downward and when.

With better deal intelligence, sellers can now consider how changes in the deal influence pre-call planning and next call execution. Sellers are empowered to revisit their deal strategy and action plan to decide the best next step.

You have work to do if you have never spoken to the new Key Player and don’t understand their position in the deal. Having more context of what influence this new player might have ahead of your calls will help frame your questions and determine who you should talk to next.

You may decide a call with one of your Key Player advocates to understand better the new Key Player’s stance is the best next action. Or, if you find out the new influencer joining the demo has a technical role, you may invite a technical engineer to join your next call.

Instant Replay Helps Managers and Coaches
Prioritize Deals and Guide Effective Deal Coaching

 Enterprise sellers typically have three to ten deals in their pipeline. A sales manager with five direct reports will need to review 15 to 50 deals every week. It is challenging for managers to quickly know which deals they should focus their energy on during coaching and deal review sessions.

A tool that provides at-a-glance insight into Deal Health allows managers and coaches to quickly scan deals to determine which are in the red, so they know which deals to review with their sellers. During coaching sessions, managers can pull up the deal and click Key Player Replay to show what changed and how a change in the deal caused the seller’s position to weaken or strengthen. Managers and sellers can now have meaningful conversations on how to improve their position and advance the deal.

The Bonus: Instant Replay Improves Forecasting Accuracy

 If you only rely on CRM Sales Stage and Close Date for forecasting, you are not getting the whole picture and will likely miss your sales forecast. Sales Stage and Close Dates are often subjective. It will help if you pressure tested Close Dates by taking a data science approach. DealCoachPro uses predictive analytics to score a deal. If on March 1st, a deal is set to close the first quarter and has a red Deal Health score, there is a conflict.

DealCoachPro lets you examine a deal to validate the accuracy of the Close Date and Sales Stage. When a Decision Maker is added late in the game, and the solution is a low priority for them or has low advocacy, your deal becomes riskier. Deal Health history alerts you of this change. Instant Reply lets you see the detail behind the alert, how this impacts the seller’s position in the deal and what needs to happen to win the deal.

Instant Replay lets you see issues in advance and course correct to win the deal or adjust Close Dates to reflect reality and improve forecasting accuracy.

Mis-interpreting your position with the buying team can cost you the win. Unlike static deal strategy worksheets or your CRM, DealCoachPro’s dynamic software visually maps Key Players by Priority, Impact, Access, and Advocacy; alerts you of changes in buyer dynamics and provides insights on what changed. Sometimes you only get one chance to get in front of your prospective buyers. Make it count.

Instant Replay is now possible with DealCoachPro Deal Coaching Software for Enterprise Sales. Contact us or join a weekly Open Chat to learn more.