DealCoachPro Secures Design Patent for its Exclusive Enterprise Sales Technology

Delray Beach, FL – December 8, 2021 – Sales technology software provider, DealCoachPro announced the issuance of U.S Design Patent Application No. 29/729,887 for the user-interface (UI) design of its Deal Coaching software platform. The simplicity of the design and the deal coaching software category is unique and impactful. Displayed on one screen, Enterprise sales organizations can measure Deal Health, uncover gaps in buyer relationships, and collaborate with internal stakeholders to develop their game plan to strengthen buyer relationships and win deals.

“From the beginning, we recognized the importance of developing and then protecting our technology,” said Erik Mintz, CEO & Founder of DealCoachPro. “Working with Enterprise sales organizations, deal coaching (unlike sales coaching) involves complex, qualitative information, requiring human interaction to be fully understood. AI cannot replace this insight. Instead, we turned qualitative knowledge about a deal into data science and then organized the information on one screen for effective strategy and planning. The left side of the page displays Deal Health, and the right side is an interactive, collaborative space to define deal strategy and deal execution activities.”

“DealCoachPro helps us assess Impact, Priority, Advocacy, and Accessibility and score Decision Makers or Decision Influencers to help uncover concerns with a specific Key Player. If a Key Player’s Impact is super low and others are super high, they don’t have a big impact on the decision,” explains Andrew Kluger, Sr. Regional Sales Manager at Service Express. “DealCoachPro allows us to look at the specific individual and figure out how to get them to become an advocate of Service Express – get the three ranks to a ten rank.”

“Getting our third software patent for DealCoachPro is an exciting accomplishment for our business and our team,” said Erik Mintz, CEO & founder of DealCoachPro. “We believe Enterprise sales teams need to step away from paper-based methodologies and off-line tools like spreadsheets to leverage purpose-built technology to win their most valuable deals. This third patent further validates our innovation is like no other.”

DealCoachPro’s first software patent for their Deal Pursuit framework provides a more predictable way to assess Deal Health and probability to close. It turns qualitative knowledge about a deal into data science. The company’s second patent, Deal Match, reuses this historical data using a complex mathematical computation to find the closest matching deals helping sellers discover insights to advance open opportunities with similar profiles. This third patent protects the design and UI of its exclusive sales technology.

DealCoachPro’s list of inventors for the third patent includes Erik Mintz and Lindes Roets. 

About DealCoachPro

DealCoachPro fuels the future of Enterprise selling. The company’s data-driven deal coaching software and digital deal rooms drive deal collaboration, strategy, and execution for modern revenue teams. The patented framework brings rigor and rhythm to deal pursuit, helping send objective signals about deal health. Visual heat maps bring instant clarity to deal legitimacy and the seller’s position with buyers, guiding Enterprise sellers on improving win rates and forecasting accuracy of their most valuable deals. DealCoachPro is a private SaaS company headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida.