SaaS Startup Expands its Patent Portfolio for its Deal Coaching Software Which Brings its Patent Total to Three in Less Than One Year

Part of what makes Enterprise sales so complicated is the number of buying influences involved in the decision. Each buyer brings their viewpoint, exponentially growing the amount of information a seller needs to sort through, resulting in a longer sales cycle and often stalled sales opportunities.

Sales Coaching teaches sales skills and drives seller behavior. Deal Coaching drives strategic deal pursuit and buyer behavior. What sets world-class sales managers apart from their peers is that they spend more time on deal strategy and deal execution activities. While Sales Coaching has an indirect impact on revenue, Deal Coaching has a direct impact.

I’ll share four practical tips that you can put into practice on your next sales presentation. Adopt these top dos and don’ts to keep buyers engaged.

Ring that gong! Imagine a year when sellers meet quota every quarter and your company surpasses sales forecast. Not so fast. According to CSO Insights, 60% of forecasted deals never close.